Local Creators is the
first Italian startup
that connects local businesses
and influencers
from the major social networks.
Promote your business
and services through
the best influencers
in your area.

Why choose us?

In just a few clicks you will receive a scouting of the best influencers selected by our team of experts, who have already shown interest in your campaign. 

A service tailor-made for you

A tailor-made service for you

Relax and give us an idea of your project and we' ll take care of the rest! Our service will provide you with a selection of the best local influencers (and not only) who can't wait to take part in your project.

The best professionals in the industry

The experts in our team know the influencer world and all the dynamics related to it. They have organized campaigns for numerous local, national and international brands.

An unbeatable price

Our service will allow you to save up to 10 times the cost of an influencer scouting purchased through a traditional marketing agency, thanks to the simplification of some slow and unnecessary steps. All without sacrificing the quality of research.

Are you a business? in 1 ,2, 3... easy steps DELIVERY BRIEF Select the service that suits your business, then fill out your brief. Nothing too difficult, just provide us with some simple information that we can use to find the perfect creators, such as budget, target, campaign objective etc. SCOUTING After processing the information provided in the brief, we will select the most suitable creators within a community of over 10 thousand micro and nano influencers throughout the country. The creators have chosen our service and actively collaborate with both local and national companies. Receive a detailed presentation with a professional scouting drafted by one of our influencer marketing managers, with full details about the influencer. The selected profiles have already shown their interest in taking part in the project. Now all you have to do is contact them and start collaborating or if you prefer we’ll take care of it for you.

Our packages


499 299 - including VAT
  • Create your brief on the site
  • Decide between local or national campaigns
  • Receive detailed scouting
  • Choose the budget for your campaign (or a simple exchange of services)
  • We contact the influencers
  • We manage the commercial negotiations
  • Monitor the campaign
  • We provide you with a final report of all publications

Are you an influencer?

Join our platform and become part of an exclusive community of creators. 


You will have the opportunity to take part in dozens of campaigns at local and national level. So you can grow your profile and make yourself known to brands. How to do it?

Join the community

Once your information is processed, you will become part of our community, depending on your region and niche. But don't worry, you'll also be considered for campaigns in different areas and of different types from those selected.

Join a campaign

Receive an email every time there's a campaign suitable for you. At this point you just have to give your availability, we will notify you if you are selected and included in the scouting.


  • Database entry
  • Choose your niche
  • Receive a notification every time a new campaign is available
  • If you are interested please fill out the form to show your interest
  • Talk to the brand or to us for campaign details

Lucrezia Worthington I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Journalist,
Social media
and content creator
in the slow luxory
travel industry
Travel, Yoga &
Elisa Marchisoni I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Not fragile
like a flower,
fragile like a bomb
Youtuber &
Emilia Romagna
Alessandra Costa I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Travel
Infuencer Lazio
Travel with
passion and
a touch of
Martina Favaro I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Beauty blogger
di Pinkbubbles.it
e beauty reporter
per Glamour.it
Dario Monfortè I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Fashion &
Travel blogger
Enrica Sciarretta I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Travel
Beauty reporter
per glamour.it,
Marco Ferretti I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Content creator
chi sono
la fotografia
Federico Graziati I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Travel blogger
Scopri il mondo
e nuove
di lusso
con me
Vanessa Barrui I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Model
In direzione
e contraria
Valentina Pontellini I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Creator
digitale Marker
Mai smettere
di sognare.
ad occhi aperti!
Alessia De Bonis I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Photographer
lifestyle creator
Inguaribile eclettica,
di belve feroci
quale i gatti
Cristina Saglietti I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Food creator
Le mie sono
"le ricette
che funzionano"
Laura Coloriti I NOSTRI INFLUENCER Photographer
creative director
sono la chiave!

Advantages of our service

The best solution for businesses that want to promote themselves through local microinfluencers. You will have the opportunity to receive applications from the best influencers selected according to your project.

Choose your preferred project

You can choose whether to run a campaign with an exchange of service or a paid one, choosing the maximum budget for each influencer. You will be proposed a scouting with the influencers that fall within the parameters chosen.

Fast and effective

Every time a brand publishes a campaign in their region, influencers receive an email. Within days, our influencer marketing managers review the various profiles and choose the ones most in line with the project. You'll receive detailed influencer scouting within 5 business days

A competent team

Our experts individually analyze each profile that applies to the campaign, based on the target niche, engagement rates and quality of interactions.

Increase your know-how and sales

Influencer Marketing is able to double sales and generate an ROI (Return on Investment) by 650%, much higher than advertising on traditional communication channels (TV, newspapers, radio, etc.). (Source IED).

Micro influencers in every region

Micro influencers generate an engagement rate 7 times higher than the engagement rate produced by content creators with communities with millions of followers. A figure that seems really interesting, if you think of the Italian economic background.

One-off payment

The service has no automatic renewals. You can use it whenever you need a campaign with influencers.

The Founder Stefano Cicchini
Ceo & Founder
Considered one of the best Italian
travel influencers
by several influencer marketing companies,
he has worked with major
international tourism organizations,
luxury hotel chains and brands
such as Toyota, Mercedes Italia, Lidl,
Greenpeace and many others.

He has worked on national
and international influencer marketing
projects for brands
such as Puma and AC Milan.
He has also carried out influencer
marketing consultancy for several Italian
marketing agencies, collaborating
with Velvet Media Italia for several years.

What they are saying about us

Here’s what some of our 500+ loyal customers have to say about our services.

I highly recommend this service. The best Italian influencer marketing professionals, at a really competitive price. They selected the best influencers in my area, who helped me promote my business and bring in some new customers to my store.

Debora C.

Business owner

Awesome service. We entrusted the influencer scouting for our e-commerce to the guys at Localcreators.it and greatly increased site visits. The selected influencers have been very effective, helping my sales and increasing my know-how.

Vincenzo R.

E-commerce Manager

I used the service to launch a restaurant business in my city. Thanks to the efficient social communication of the influencers in my province, my opening was a hit and business is going very well. Thanks again to Stefano and his guys. I will be back very soon for more initiatives!

Fabiana V.


I am a photographer and needed an effective strategy to promote my business online and increase my fanbase on Instagram. In addition to doubling my contacts and collaborations, I also increased followers on Instagram. Absolutely highly recommended!

Federico S.

Photographer & Content Creator

Want a project tailored to your business?

Write to our support team. We will be happy to answer any questions and propose the best solutions for you and your customers.

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Our service is especially dedicated to local businesses. However, we can provide the best influencer scouting for all types of businesses, for both local and national projects.

Absolutely not. The service is one shot. The brand can decide to use the service whenever it deems it appropriate.

Yes, we do! Contact us via email or live chat and we’ll be happy to find a discounted price for you.

Absolutely. The influencer can choose to unsubscribe from the service and no longer take part in our regional and national influencer marketing campaigns.

Unsubscribing will result in being removed from the Local Creators database and exclude him/her from the selection of influencers for our campaigns.

The minute you place your order and our team gets to work, the subscription term is locked in for the billing cycle and we will not be able to issue any refunds.

Yes, we do! Our team of experts will be happy to guide you for both influencer marketing related consulting and your Instagram growth journey. Contact us for pricing.

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